ecArtspace was founded by Architect and Town Planner, Angela Diamandidou in 1998; as a peripatetic gallery it started exhibiting contemporary visual art in vacant warehouse buildings in Clerkenwell, London. ecArtspace aimed to bring art ‘out of the gallery’ and into spaces that were ‘between use’. ecArtspace transformed the urban buildings and spaces for a short time in their history allowing an interaction between art and the urban development process.

All the exhibitions have been curated in different spaces, both in Clerkenwell, London and in Mitte, Berlin. Each has been unique and provided new challenges for the artists and the curator. A catalogue was published for each exhibition in order to document the event, these are available on request.
The ecArtspace’s exhibitions are more than just shows of art. They seek to connect art with space, to create a dynamism between the work and the raw surroundings.

I am an Architect Planner and Art curator. I worked as an independent architect/planning consultant and in the Public Sector for Lambeth and Islington Councils. I was a founder member of Women’s Design Service, a research organisation on women and the built environment, in the late 80s. In the nineties I was involved with the Regeneration of Clerkenwell where I started promoting contemporary visual art through events like the ‘Shop’ Art Exhibitions in Exmouth Market and the competition for a sculpture sponsored by Inmarsat, the British satellite telecommunications company. Sculptor Nigel Hall won the competition for their building in the Old Street Roundabout. In 1998 I founded ecArtspace and started exhibiting young artists in Clerkenwell . Auction House Christie’s, art collector George Loudon and property developer Alfie Buller were amongst those who sponsored the ecArtspace exhibitions in Clerkenwell, London and in Mitte, Berlin.

I am looking forward to curating exhibitions in London and Greece in the coming months both live and online.