Distancing is the first in a series of online exhibitions, to include artists that have shown work before with ecartspace and new artists like Susan Stockwell, whose work I like. This online exhibition is reflecting on concerns most people have these days in relation to the virus, the pandemic and the lockdowns around the world. Covid-19 has put everything on hold except nature. Nature untouched will be the second online exhibition in the coming year. The few artists presented here, refer through their past works to issues around health and care, tensions and anxiety, the collapsing of the economy, our inability to travel and the new reality of the unknown. Issues that are at the heart of our daily lives that have put enormous pressure on everyone.

Dryden Goodwin’s drawings from his exhibition last year at the Karolinska Hospital in Sweden, are images we have been witnessing everywhere on TV and the media the past few months.

Frances Aviva Blane’s paintings are images from the ‘depths of the human psyche’ expressing our strong feelings of distress, anguish, emotional upheaval. (See recent film ‘two metres apart’ with S. Orbach)

Susan Stockwell’s paper money boats, remind us of our inability to travel during the lockdowns, the lack of money and the collapsing of the economy.

Basil Beattie’s familiar images of spaces, corridors and stairs that lead to nowhere could reflect as a way out, a way forward, a new reality, maybe a glimpse of hope. (His most recent exhibition during the pandemic at larsenwarner.com in Stockholm, Sweden).

Dryden Goodwin
Susan Stockwell